WS iLoc® Pre-strung Replacement Beads | Medium Brown

WS iLoc® Pre-strung Replacement Beads | Medium Brown

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iLoc® Pre-strung Replacement Bead details:

iLoc Pre-strung Replacement Beads are made of copper which is the most pliable metal and is unlikely to crack with repeated opening and closing, as opposed to aluminum which can easily crack and possibly cut into the hair. They have a baked-on epoxy coating and come in 7 natural colours. The beads have liner to cushion the hair and eliminate slipping. iLoc Beads are simple to use with no hook required to thread them onto the hair. Conveniently pre-strung on loops to increase ease and speed of application they are packed in bags of 20 loops with 5 beads on each, 100 beads per pack.

20 iLoc Beads are included at no extra charge with each pack of iLoc Hair Extension strands in your choice colour. There are 7 natural shades to choose from. In order to best camouflage them in the hair we recommend selecting the same shade or darker than the dominant base where they will be applied.

If the bead has been opened and closed several times or if the liner is compromised the bead should be removed and replaced. This will help maintain the integrity of the natural hair and avoid any potential damage or breakage due to a faulty attachment.