White Glove Service™ Certificate Classes

Nothing can replace great education. We know you realize that when you’re charging for a high-end service you want to be completely sure that you’re giving your clients the very best, not only with your choice of top quality human hair and bond tip, but also with your perfect hair extension application, customer service and maintenance program. All the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed. This is the training we offer through our White Glove Service™ programs.

euronaturals™ White Glove Service™ education programs provide affordable, concise, effective training for this exciting service. It is our mission to discover and develop comfortable and durable methods and materials for applying extensions that have been proven safe for use on European hair, techniques that when properly executed and maintained are guaranteed by euronaturals™ not to cause damage and breakage to the natural hair. These techniques can be used safely on any hair texture.

Your clients will appreciate your thoroughness with respect to their hair extension service. This is the thing that can really make your salon stand out as a full-service extension salon in addition to all your other services. Extension clients from other salons can feel comfortable that your salon understands their special needs. And did you know that hair extensions are fantastic for customer retention? These clients would be less likely to go elsewhere for colour and other services.

euronaturals™ commitment to excellence begins with your hands-on training program for installing strand-by-strand fusion. Our comprehensive one-day certificate program is designed for the professional hair stylist looking to broaden their skill base by learning the hottest salon service to hit the industry since foil highlights!

euronaturals™ White Glove Service™ Hair Extension Certificate Programs are the best way to achieve the confidence that comes from knowing that you’re a true professional in the hair extension industry. There is no substitute for the guidance that day of personal instruction provides. These are things that cannot be learned out of a book or from a DVD. By investing in that day you will gain the extra knowledge and the skills required to work on the consumer, to correctly use the technique and to answer any questions your client might have about the hair extension service.

You will learn under the careful guidance of our Certified euronaturals™ Educators. They are truly artists in their own right, chosen for their unique talents and skills and commitment to great education. Cutting-edge, seasoned industry professionals, our Educators are happy to share their knowledge with you, to excite your passions and stimulate your imagination. Building on your knowledge as a professional hair stylist they are able to transform and develop your skills in a new direction, the building and creation of hair and hairstyle.

euronaturals™ provides the professional designation and recognized credentials C.E.A. to acknowledge Certified Extension Artists in Full Fusion Bonding, innovative hairdressers who have completed and met the manufacturer’s industry standards of knowledge, skill and technique for high quality hair extensions.

We are located in Toronto, Canada and offer hair extension certifications  worldwide.

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Why Certification?

Uncertified hair extension artists are as much a problem for our industry as unlicensed hair stylists. Many hairdressers applying extensions today have picked up their methods either through “diversion education,” observation, or are self-taught from a DVD or otherwise, and are working without hair extension certification. With no one to offer correction or better information, the installer may be inadvertently causing breakage and damage to the client’s natural hair.

On-site Hair Extension Certificate Classes

We always try to adapt to the individual needs of each salon. For groups of four or more, a private in-salon class is a great option. Special arrangements can be made for larger groups. Evening’s classes are available on request.