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Our Team

Michele Clark
president, Urban Beauty Systems International Inc.
euronaturals™ Worldwide Distribution and
Training Headquarters

With over 25 years of beauty industry experience behind her, Michele founded Urban Beauty Systems International Inc. in 2004. In association with Canadian importer and manufacturer, Serenity®, she created euronaturals™ for the North American market. Believing that quality education is the cornerstone of every successful career, she developed the White Glove Serviceclasses promote excellence and provide a clear path for salons to incorporate this high-end service into their regular full service menu.

She developed the euronaturals™ VISION ASSOCIATE SALON Business Growth Partnership Program to build on the hairdresser’s artistry and skill with a business development strategy and corporate support. Her goal is to inspire salon owners and hairdressers with the genuine desire, willingness and courage to move forward in the arena of hair extensions, enabling them to achieve long-lasting success in the fastest-growing sector of the beauty industry.

Michele believes that you need to use the best to create the best, and that besides quality education, the secret to becoming a Leader in the hair industry is artistic integrity, teamwork and euronaturals™ superior products and education.

Michele can be contacted at

Lina Brocklehurst
Educator for euronaturals™ and CSM
euronaturals™ Training Headquarters

As an accomplished senior stylist, Lina has been working with euronaturals™ extensions for several years. Her passion for hair shows in her dedication to the perfect service. Her professionalism, open attitude, skill and willingness to share her knowledge with other hairdressers, come together to make Lina the ideal instructor.

Cutting classes with Vidal Sassoon and years with world-renowned British hairstylist Trevor Sorbie have given Lina a solid foundation. She reminds us that great extensions always involve a great finishing cut, which takes no less than 45 minutes to accomplish. Lina’s impeccable extension installation techniques and cuts enable her to encourage and teach other hairdressers wanting to learn to do so in a way that will ensure success.

Lina has been involved with the Canadian Guild of Hair Design for many years, serving as president from 2004-2006. She was also the recipient of the Gus M. Caruso Achievement Award for Outstanding Contribution to Hairstyling in 2003.

Lina can be contacted at

Michelle Cabrera
Educator for euronaturals
euronaturals™ Training Headquarters

Michelle joined the euronaturalsWhite Glove Service Education Team in 2007. As a valued member of our team, Michelle is always ready to share her professionalism, skills, ideas and positive attitude with her students.

Offering a wide range of extension services, in addition to her teaching assignments for euronaturals™, Michelle’s behind the chair experience enables her to understand first hand the challenges and benefits of the extension industry. With cheerful suggestions she encourages students and helps with their technique. She is always happy to share her personal experiences and is available to students even after the class is over.

Michelle believes that a foundation in quality education is the best way to build a successful extension business. As a hairdresser she explains that complete professionalism in all areas of your business, especially with this high-end service, can mean the difference between doing well and doing fabulously well.

Michelle can be contacted at

Steve Moratto
CSR, Management Team
Urban Beauty Systems International Inc.

Steve’s energy and drive have helped him develop in the hair extension industry. Joining the Team in 2007, Steve has shown himself to be the quintessential people person. He loves being out there in the industry, introducing salon owners and hairstylists to products and techniques that are on the cutting edge of the extension world.

His easy, friendly manner makes him completely approachable in terms of asking questions and getting straight answers. If the question is out of his area, he’ll find out and be back with the information you’re after.

Steve’s clients have come to rely on him, knowing that they’re not just a number, that their personal concerns are his concerns.

Steve can be contacted at

Marta O’Neil
Certified Extension Artist (C.E.A.)
Certified Extension Educator (C.E.E.)
Hair Enhancement Specialist
Educator for euronaturals

Marta has had areata alopecia since she was four years old, so she can certainly identify with all the issues that come with hair loss. Whatever the client’s need, whether it be post-menopausal thinning hair, alopecia or any other medical hair loss, she has the solution. Marta has had many years of experience with wigs and hairpieces, as she also has been wearing them all her life. She understands about the longevity of different types of hair and of good craftsmanship. Whether the client has partial hair loss or no hair at all, Marta has made an art form of custom fitting the client’s hair to look and feel as natural as possible.

Her genuine attitude and gentle, caring manner will allow you to learn the Medical aspects of the hair industry from someone who not only understands hair, but has made wigs, hairpieces, extensions and other hair enhancements her life’s work. Helping others in this way is ultimately fulfilling her destiny since she has the rare opportunity to share a topic that for many is difficult to handle.

It’s no surprise to most of us how much of our self-esteem is wrapped up in how our hair looks! For many of us it says a lot about who we are and even more about how we feel. If we were slowly or suddenly loose our crowning glory...

Today many hairdressers are looking for ways to incorporate this vital and necessary service into their salon service menu. Some hairdressers feel a calling to the area of Medical hair loss, either for personal reasons or simply for the fact that there exists a genuine need for qualified beauty industry professionals who are able to work sensitively and skillfully in the application of hair enhancements, which for some client’s means a new lease on life, the opportunity to develop a positive self image.

Marta can be contacted at

Chris Turner
president, Serenity®
Importer for euronaturals

With a strong background in import/export, Chris has made it his mission to bring the finest products to the market. For the past 15 years he has been focused on hair. His integrity and professionalism, coupled with his down-to-earth approach, contribute to his ongoing growth and success. His enterprise is firmly established both nationally and internationally with his lines, Serenity® and Golden Queen®.

In response to the demand for superior European-type hair, in affiliation with Urban Beauty Systems International, euronaturals™ has been specifically engineered meet the exacting demands of the salon trade.

As President of his factory in The Orient, the Georgia-raised entrepreneur starts with the best human hair for extensions, Indian Remi cuticle hair. To control the processing of the hair, his lab has developed Advanced Tri-V3 Nano-technology (pat. pen) to protect and provide lasting strength and elasticity, and UV Colour-lock Liquid Crystal Technology (pat. pen) to ensure vibrant, fade-resistant colours. Finally, to maintain strict quality control, final finishing is done at his second factory, in Canada.

Chris strives to embrace the best of diversity, and leverage those differences into a competitive advantage. His Research and Development Team meets regularly to discuss how to ingrain diversity into the company and into his lines. His years of experience in the hair industry enable him to hone in on current trends react quickly to the ever-changing demands of his market and respond with new and exciting products.

His secret? To simply provide the best quality hair. “There’s definitely a premium to pay for higher grades of hair, but at least you know that the price you pay is for quality. With euronaturals, the quality speaks for itself.”

Chris can be contacted at