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euronaturals™ is founded on the love of hair and respect for quality. Our signature 100% human Remi cuticle hair comes as individual pre-bonded fusion strands and eurocouture panels for customizing clip-in extensions, or for use with the revolutionary new eurocouture Runway hair System.

Sourcing from India and Indonesia, euronaturals™ has chosen premium 100% human Remi cuticle hair for it’s high quality and strength, and textural compatibility with European-type hair. All euronaturals™ hair has exceptional memory, without being too curly or too straight, and memory equals body and versatility in styling. As a result most techniques you can do with your client’s own hair you can do with euronaturals™ extensions. The hair is an investment so no doubt your client will appreciate your extra care in choosing the very best for her extensions, beautiful hair she will be able to wear with confidence for months, or even years to come.

What Is Remi Cuticle Hair?

The term Remi means that the hair has been held together in a braid or plait to guarantee that the cuticle is running in the same direction, until the time it is expertly hand-sorted and blended. Also called “temple hair,”  Remi cuticle is prized world-over for its luxurious feel, strength and tangle-free manageability.

Our Processes

euronaturals™ hair is subjected to a gentle process of de-pigmentation and re-pigmented using UV Colour-lock Liquid Crystal Technology (pat. pen) to bring you 50 stunning fashion shades, including nine fantasy colours. It is then protein-enriched with our exclusive Advanced Tri-V3 Nano-technology (pat.pen) for long-lasting strength and elasticity. This incredible hair is then fabricated into eurocouturepanels and euronaturals™ pre-bonded fusion strands. It’s no wonder that our clients are among the most discerning professional extension artists in North America.

Indian Remi Cuticle Hair

euronaturals™ brings you pure luxury defined with their signature line of fine-textured Indian Remi cuticle hair. This hair is lightweight and delicate, with exceptional body and strength, without being too curly or too straight. This equals styling versatility. Indian Remi hair is recognized around the world as the best choice for extensions. It is fine and light weight and is generally the perfect textural match for most fine and medium-fine European-type hair. We like to compare Indian hair to 600-count Egyptian percale, fine cotton tightly woven yet silky, silky, silky.

The ends of our hair have been pre-razored to provide a natural-looking slivered effect for movement and perfect blending. Our Indian hair has body wave. This ensures that when properly maintained the hair stays moveable. Our euronaturals™ Indian hair can be flattened or curled for a quick change. Because of the natural body in Indian hair, euronaturals™ will maintain it’s natural healthy feel and provide months of enjoyment for your clients.

Indian Hair Colour Range

Our Indian strands and panels come in 50 fabulous colours ~ natural levels 1 through 10 (omitting level 2), highlift blondes, shades of copper, red, mahogany, burgundy, plum, as well as highlighted two-tone colours and Fantasy shades, all in 100% human Indian Remi cuticle hair. Since all the colours, including the Fantasy shades, come in the same Indian Remi hair, rather than synthetic or hair of lesser quality, the fun colours blend in perfectly when you’re accenting with violet, pink or blue. For easy reference, euronaturals™ uses the International Numbering System for hair colour.

Indonesian Remi Hair

In some cases, when the client’s hair is a medium-coarse, coarse or textured, Indonesian hair may offer a better textural match. Our Indonesian hair is medium texture. While not quite as fine and light as Indian, Indonesian hair is also of excellent quality and recognized world-over as being an excellent choice for hair extensions. Variety and Versatility with the promise of premium quality 100% human Remi hair, this series comes in selected shades, in Straight and Body Wave.

Indonesian Hair Colour Range

Indonesian Straight hair is available in 7 natural shades and 7 fashion colours, including two-tone highlighted shades. Body Wave available in 7 natural shades.

euronaturalsFusion Strands

euronaturals™ has developed a variety of strand sizes to speed up your work and provide the most suitable strands for the purpose. Whether your client has fine, medium or extremely dense hair, choosing the right strand size can make the difference between a great and an average installation, and can really save you time.

Strand Lengths

euronaturals™ 100% natural human Indian Remi cuticle extension strands come in seven lengths, from 12 to 24 inches.

Strand Sizes

Regular Bond
Regular bonds split in half work best on fine hair. Full Regular strands are only recommended for extremely dense hair, with split Regulars or Microbonds all around the hairline for easy blending. Split Regulars should last for up to four months, like Minibonds, and full Regulars should last for up to six months. Regular bonds are sold in packs of 10.

euronaturals™ provides a unique Minibond system which can help speed up your service. Our Minibond strand contains basically ¾ the amount of hair as our Regular bond. We find full Minis don’t need to be split and are the best choice when installing on clients with medium density hair. In all cases, split strands or Microbonds are required for the hairline area for invisibility and blending. Minibonds are sold in packs of 20 and should last in the hair for up to four months.

Extra-fine Microbonds are a great time-saver in that they are basically pre-made split Regular bonds. Just shorten them slightly and in they go, no further splitting required. Microbonds are always recommended for the hairline area to ensure invisibility and easy blending. They also work perfectly on very fine density hair. For filling in thinning hair, try chipping the Microbond into super-fine strands. When properly cared for, Microbonds should last in the hair for from six to eight weeks and are sold in packs of 30.

eurocouture Panel Hair

In the hands of an artist, eurocouturepanel hair is transformed into glorious extensions. Panels are the quickest way to create luscious extensions. Panels are the main ingredient for custom designing clip-ins for your clients and now we can permanently install a full head of extensions in three hours or less with the revolutionary eurocouture Runway hair System.

All panels are made of euronaturals™ 100% human Indian Remi cuticle hair. They are hand-sewn and each weighs ¼ pound. All our panels are double wefted and can be split in two (if necessary) to install lightweight Micropanels on extra-fine hair with the eurocouture Runway hair™ System.

Panel Lengths

eurocouture Panels come in two lengths, 18 and 24 inches. All panel hair may be also purchased by the inch.

Panel Widths

Because they are hand-sewn, 18-inch long panel may vary in width between 48 and 54 inches, while 24-inch long panels may vary between 44 and 48 inches. These are estimates only. For calculation purposes, the average width of an 18-inch panel is 50 inches, and the average for 24-inch panels is about 40 inches.

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