Hair Extensions
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bond tip
the synthetic keratin tip of euronaturals™ fusion strands

bond removal gel
euronaturalsacetone-free bond removal concentrate

the outer layer of a hair strand

cuticle remi hair
top quality naturals human hair with cuticle intact, with the cuticle running in the same direction

euronaturals™ panel hair is composed of two micropanels,  which can be split apart for eurocouture permanent panel installation on very fine hair

filament threading loop used for iLoc™ and Runway hair™ installation.

convertible euronaturals™ panels used to create Clip-in hair™ or permanently installed with the Runway hair System

euro H20™ Anti-aging Protein Bath + Tap Water Neutralizer
with Panthenol Vitamin B5 and wheat proteins to protect, strengthen and condition, great on human extension hair, pH 3.5. Reduces alkalinity in tap water. Silicone-free.

a compound often found in bonding tips. Glue or glue-based resins can be a problem to remove, they can inhibit the absorption of colour and cause damage and damage to the client’s natural hair. euronaturalsbonding tips contain no glue.

hair extensions
any attachment to the natural hair to increase volume or add length. Hair extensions can be clipped in, bonded, sewn on, glued on, Microbonded, and otherwise attached to the natural hair. They can be made of human hair or synthetic fibres. Some hair extensions are add-on ponytails and half-wigs or falls. Basically, extensions are anything used to thicken or lengthen the natural hair.

connector developed to attach euronaturals™ euro-remi™ strands without heat.     

loose hair
hair that has been collected in a ball, like wool. Since there is no way to know which direction the cuticles are running, this hair is stripped of cuticle, making it feel “lighter” and more like European-type hair and then coated with silicone for shine and smoothness. This type of hair is sold as “100% human hair,” and is of generally of questionable quality. euronaturalsnever uses loose hair.

½ regular strand of pre-tipped fusion hair

euronaturals™ double-wefted hair, in 18" and 24" lengths, available as a full panel or by the inch

¾” strand of pre-tipped fusion hair

euronaturals™ double-wefted hair, sold in 50” width (or full panel) or by the inch

regular bond
standard strand of pre-tipped fusion hair, usually split in half for installation on fine hair

the term means that the cuticles are guaranteed to be running in the same direction. The term Remi indicates that the hair has been held in a braid or plait from the time it’s cut until the time it is expertly hand-sorted and processed into strands or panels

Runway hair
3-hour installation system using eurocouturepanel hair

a problem resulting in unusual hair loss from the bond or panel

synthetic keratin
a special compound used for attaching euronaturals™ strands, glue-free, mimics the appearance of natural hair strand

knotting of the hair strand, due to insufficient care, wrong products or poor quality hair. Regular use of euro H20™ Anti-aging Protein Bath + Tap Water Neutralizer may help solve the problem. Sleeping with the hair in a scrunchie or loose braid may also help avoid tangling and knotting on the ends and at the root between the extension strands.

(pat. pen) Nano-technology process performed at our factory to strengthen and protect euronaturals™ extension hair.

UV Colour-lock Liquid Crystal Technology (pat. pen)
euronaturals™   process of advanced liquid crystal technology ensuring long-lasting vibrant colours, 50 fabulous shades from subtle to outrageous

to sew panels onto the client’s head with thread, using tracks of braids to anchor the hair panels. This method has been known to cause damage and breakage, and even balding and thinning of the client’s natural hair. This technique generally has difficulty holding on smooth European-    textured hair and is not endorsed or recommended by euronaturals™..

the stitch line across the top of euronaturals™ double-wefted panel hair.

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