Hair Extensions
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Extensions 103: The Art and Craft of Runway hairExtensions

At last, a permanent full lengthening extension system that’s Safe, Lightweight and Comfortable, and it only takes 2 to 3 hours to install! The effects are immediate and dramatic and your clients will be thrilled with the results. The panels virtually disappear into the client’s natural hair, providing fabulous lasting hair extensions that can be worn on an ongoing basis. Regular maintenance appoints will ensure the health of the client's natural hair as proper support is maintained. Your client should return to the salon every six to eight weeks to have the panels checked, adjusted, lifted and tightened.

It stands to reason that top quality hair is key to enjoyment of this long-lasting system. The hair is an investment for your client, so no doubt she'll appreciate the lasting beauty of euronaturals™. When you start with the best and take care of the hair, it will look beautiful the entire time she is wearing it.

During this 4-hour workshop you will learn panel installation, preparing the hair, replacement maintenance and removal.

This program includes theory and demonstrations as well as hands-on Runway hair application under the personal guidance of our Certified euronaturals™ Educator, while working on your own mannequin head.

You will also learn the all-important business end of the extension industry. You will be given stylist observation forms, client consultation, deposit and client agreement contract, homecare and maintenance recommendations and support materials, as well as cost calculations for products and services.

  • Certificate upon successful completion of program

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