Hair Extensions
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Extensions 101: The Art of Fusion Hair Extensions

Our euronaturals™ educational programs are layered; the main program is Extensions 101. During this one-day comprehensive training class you will learn all you need to begin doing full fusion strand extensions. We put a strong emphasis on theory and on how to conduct the “business” of this high-end service, as well as trouble-shooting and handling of difficult or unusual situations.

In addition to the actual installation techniques and theory behind the service, you will learn to assess your client’s needs, to order hair and supplies, tips for cutting extensions, extension maintenance regime, both in salon and at home, strand removal, and the all-important trouble-shooting. Learn and practice perfect hands-on installation techniques under the personal guidance of our Certified euronaturals Educator while working on your own mannequin head.

You will also learn the all-important business end of the extension industry. You will be given stylist observation forms, client consultation, deposit and client agreement contract, homecare and maintenance recommendations and support materials, as well as cost calculations for products and services. 

By the end of the program you will return to your salon as a Certified euronaturals Extension Artist (C.E.A.), ready and equipped, with the confidence and expertise to begin offering euronaturals to your clients.

  • Certificate upon successful completion of program
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