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Our Bond Tip

Remarkably Strong, yet Gentle, Safe and Comfortable at the same time! When correctly installed by a Certified euronaturals™ Extension Artist (C.E.A.) our bonds seem to disappear into the client’s own hair and are virtually undetectable.

Our synthetic keratin tip resists chemicals and the oils like no other. Our bond material contains no glue. It begins in a solid state, is heated and softened to reshape, cools and maintains as a solid. Since it is not glue, nor is it in a liquid state at any time like glue, it cannot penetrate and damage the cuticle of the client’s natural hair.

All euronaturals™ extension strands are pre-bonded and individually attached onto the client’s hair using our ergonomic, heat controlled electric bonding tool that melts the tip. Our synthetic keratin has a low melting point and should never burn your fingertips or cause damage to the client’s natural hair. Once heated the tip becomes warm, soft and pliable and can be reshaped into a narrow cylinder and firmly connected to the client’s natural hair, providing a secure, resilient attachment. The result is a small bond that is virtually undetectable. We advise 48 hours before washing to allow our bond to cure thoroughly.

When correctly installed your client can forget she’s wearing extensions. This is as close as it gets to growing her own long hair. In fact, many clients are surprised and delighted at how long their own natural hair has grown in the months they have been wearing their euronaturals™ extensions.

euronaturals™ bond tips are standard industry length and will need to be trimmed by about 25% before installation, regardless of whether you’re planning to split them in half or not.

NOTE: Remember to turn down the heat on your bonding tool when working with small amounts of hair and bond material.

Rebond Connectors

euronaturals™ provides Rebond Connectors made of the same synthetic keratin as our Bond Tip. Each bag contains 24 tips. Each Rebond should be split into two or three pieces depending on the size of the strand you are planning to re-install.

To re-install the strand carefully snip off the end that previously had the bond and using a euronaturals™ Rebond Connector, re-connect the strand. Do not re-apply the strand on top of removal gel as it will continue to deteriorate the interior of the new bond. Be sure to wash the removal gel out of the client’s hair before re-installing the strand.

Bond Removal

euronaturals™ specially formulated acetone-free Bond Removal Gel is the perfect antidote to our bond. Simply apply a few drops of gel to the bond to be removed, gently crush the bonds with our pincer tool, and add another drop or two of gel. The synthetic keratin tip will revert back to its original powder state and after a minute you can just slide the bond out with your fingernails.

WARNING: Avoid bonds made of glue or glue-based resin, which can liquefy and penetrate the client’s natural hair causing breakage and damage, and could inhibit the absorption of hair colour. Bonding tips containing glue need acetone to dissolve. These bonds can get gummy and be a total mess to remove.